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The Iconoclast Weekly is the leading online lifestyle magazine for the urban non-conformist.

Iconoclast Weekly endeavors to publish articles that challenge stereotypes, shatter the status quo and spur a generation to question. The desire to engage our readers in a deeper conversation, knowing that we live in a hyper-connected, information-driven world, pushes us to be catalysts of change through our own online footprints.

Iconoclast Weekly Staff

Michael Oxman, Editor-in-Chief

Michael Oxman

Michael Oxman is Iconoclast Weekly’s founder and editor in chief. Working from Iconoclast’s Los Angeles office, he oversees all aspects of the magazine, regularly penning articles as well as managing the creative and editorial direction of the publication.

Matthew Oxman, Senior Editor
Executive News Editor
Matthew Oxman

Matthew Oxman is the executive editor of Iconoclast Weekly. Prior to joining the Iconoclast team, Matt worked with a number of local publications to ensure continued and successful operation.


Senior Editor
Jack Thomas, Senior EditorJack Thomas

Kyle Batson

Sports Editor
Zachary Sayward

Local Music Editor
Matthew Wetmore

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Tanner Graham
Jenny Olson