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Adopt A Puppy And Put An End To Puppy Mills

Adopt a puppy from your local animal shelter and put an end to puppy mills

As the holiday season quickly approaches, families considering adding a puppy “present” to the Christmas gift list should beware–you may be supporting a puppy mill if you buy a dog via a newspaper ad, internet site, or mall pet store. Puppy mills are inhumane breeding facilities where demands for increased profits far outweigh concerns for reasonable living conditions and the emotional health of the dogs.

Many dogs, including puppies, are looking for families to adopt them this holiday season. With shots and spaying/neutering often included when adopting from your local animal shelter, the total cost to take home a bundle of love is surprisingly inexpensive. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, breeds and even purebreds are available in most animal shelters. The humane society lists many animal shelters by state on its website, which you can visit here.

The best way to put an end to puppy mills is to not support the retailers who source from them. Both shelters and rescue groups are dedicated to finding homes for dogs who simply want to be part of a loving family.