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The Diamond Light November Residency At The Satellite

The Diamond Light at The Satellite

At their second Monday night residency at Silverlake’s The Satellite night club, The Diamond Light played to an energetic, ready-to-rock crowd. The stage, complete with shiny foil curtains and hanging diamond forms, screamed “vintage game show,” and set the mood for The Diamond Lights’ classic-rock-meets-modern-indie music. They performed several songs from their last album, as well as two soon-to-be released tracks, “Heathens” and “Fever Dreams.” The highlight of the set, however, was during a Beatles cover of “Oh Darling,” when Julio Tavarez from The Black and The White jumped onstage in a dress and hilariously danced to band frontman Griffin Young’s crooning.

Also joining The Diamond Light was The Black and The White, who got much of the crowd dancing during their lively set. Characterized by driving beats and synth samples, in addition to live guitar and bass, people found themselves unintentionally dancing after a few songs.

The Black and The White at The Satellite

The Black and The White at The Satellite

The Diamond Light will play every Monday night in November at The Satellite. For more information, click here.